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Aero Wing 350W - Electric Scooter

Product Details

Aero Wing Electric Scooter is your perfect companion for efficient and comfortable urban commuting

  • Motor: 350W
  • Battery: 10 Ah 
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 25 km/h
  • Battery Range: Up to 40 km
  • Maximum Load: Up to 150 kg
  • Body: Aluminum - Wooden Board
  • Design: Foldable for easy transportation
  • Product Weight: 17 kg
  • Charging Time: 3-5 hours
  • Available Colors: Red, Yellow, Black
  • Model Number: AW-3256928641
Powerful Motor: The Aero Wing is equipped with a 350W motor, enabling it to reach speeds of up to 35 km/h and tackle slopes of up to 15 degrees effortlessly.
Long-Lasting Battery: The 10 Ah reinforced battery offers an impressive range of up to 40 km on a single charge, depending on operating conditions and user weight.
Stable and Comfortable Ride: Featuring large 9.25-inch wheels, the Aero Wing ensures a smooth and stable ride on various terrains.
Durable and Portable Design: Constructed with an aluminum frame, the Aero Wing is both durable and lightweight. Its foldable design makes it easy to transport and store, perfect for commuters.
Enhanced Safety: Equipped with LED lighting for improved visibility in low-light conditions and a reliable braking system, the Aero Wing ensures safe stopping distances and overall rider safety.
LED Lighting: Enhance your visibility and safety during night rides or low-light conditions.
Compact and Convenient: The foldable design ensures the scooter is easy to carry and store, making it ideal for daily commuting and travel.

Aero Wing 350W - Electric Scooter
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